69 and still rockin’

Alice Cooper’s The Rock Teen Center opening in 2012 in Tucson, Arizona. Photographer unknown

By Christopher Berryman, Rincon High School

Opinion Writing

Alice Cooper, considered the godfather of shock rock, is still rockin’ and not in a chair on his front porch.

The 69 year old rocks. With his band.  They don’t just jam out, but they put on a whole show using props such as guillotines, electric chairs, and giant puppets.

Cooper and his band have outlived other ʼ70’s bands because of the entertaining music, shows, his connection to the audience, and he cleaned up his life.

In Tucson, Arizona, Cooper sold out his show at the AVA Amphitheatre, for and old time rock artist the crowd did not seem to reflect the age of the artist. He didn’t just change the music of his time but he still finds ways to drawn newer and younger crowds. His music is not the only way he has drawn new crowds nor is his shows but it’s more of the connection of his music and those that listen to the music.

As many rock artists have issues with addictions with substances so did Cooper, Alice Cooper has maintained his longevity in music and life because he changed his ways after his friends in the same industry died and his own experience that landed him in the hospital. Cooper was an alcoholic and had gone into a deep depression which made him question his life, this was part of the reason for the song “Hey Stoopid” Cooper still to this day receives mail saying that this song has saved people’s lives. This kind of connection to his music helps him connect with other people thus drawing new crowds.

Alice cooper has been 35 years sober now and feels more alive than ever before He told Cat Greenleaf in an interview on Talk Stoop a youtube Vlog.  Cooper also talked about his Phoenix community center to help kids get off the street, “the center is for music and those who love share the passion for music.”

Cooper got his start in high school covering rock bands such as The Who, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones; these are among Cooper’s favorite bands.

In the late ʼ60’s the band caught the attention of Frank Zappa thus leading to a record deal. The band continued to have success until 1974 when Cooper went solo until 2011 which he got back with the band and has been performing with them since. Alice Cooper is a legend and will remain a legend. Here’s to many more years.