A change is always good

One decision can change the course of one’s life. For some, it happens over a long period of time and for others, it can happen within one night. Sophomore Coral Gregory had been a basketball player for eight straight years. She played not only with her own grade level, but the grade level above hers as well. Then one day everything changed. Gregory attended a Devilettes dance clinic one night with her friend not knowing that this would affect her life for good.

“I was expecting to make a complete fool of myself, I have always been the type of person to try new thing,” Gregory said. “It was strange to be immersed into an environment where it seemed like everyone knew what they were doing.” 

She continued to attend the clinic for two weeks. When the time rolled around, Gregory decided to go to tryouts for her school’s dance team. Despite being two hours late to try outs, she still made the team.

“I was feeling mixed emotions because I was trying something new and I was excited to be with team that the town and the school looked up to,” Gregory said. “I was also stressed because it was taking financial obligation that I wasn’t sure that I could fulfill or if in the end it would be worth it.”

Despite Gregory’s mixed emotions about making the dance team, she also was beginning to reevaluate the sport her life once revolved around.

“Growing up I always assumed that I would play in high school and that I would play in college. The year I auditioned for Devilettes, I had had a bad experience with my basketball coach because my playing time was lacking and he seemed to pick favorites,” Gregory said.  “I’d say it didn’t diminish my love for the sport but I got bored with it. It was weak time in that sport.”

However, change can be good.  

“It has built a lot of confidence for me and it’s helped me grown as a person, whether it be me appreciating everything I have or striving for more,” Gregory said.

Sophomore Coral Gregory poses as she does the splits. In eighth grade she made the transition from playing basketball to dance. She has been dancing for four years.