A Family Divided by Party Lines

Tensions  flood to an all-time high within the Poetz household as November’s presidential election creeps closer. For Junior Christina Poetz, submerging herself within politics has allowed her the opportunity to find her own voice. However, establishing her personal beliefs was not an easy task for Poetz, as she lives within a household where each member of her family falls on a different scale of the political spectrum. Her mother is an avid supporter of democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Her father is a strict conservative and Donald Trump enthusiast. These opposing influences have swayed Poetz to stray from her family’s beliefs and choose to support Senator Bernie Sanders in the presidential race.

“I support Bernie Sanders because I think he focuses a lot on people our age,” Poetz said. “The other candidates look only to the people that can vote, whereas [Sanders] cares about the people that can’t even vote and focuses on the younger generations.”

Poetz strongly agrees with a multitude of Sander’s other stances including his strong support of minorities such as the African American and LGBT community. Growing up within a neighborhood in which minorities were the majority, Poetz experienced first-hand the struggles that her friends and neighbors often faced. Her mind was molded by her surroundings, and as she grew her personal opinions began to take shape.

“I think everyone should have the same rights,” Poetz said. “I grew up with a lot of friends that are minorities and I feel the need to stand up for them and help them.”

Although Poetz knows her stances and actively researches each candidate through different forms of media, her family does not often take her insight seriously.

“Basically my whole family just believes that I purposely have different beliefs than them to be problematic. They think I like everything opposite of them to be annoying, but I actually really enjoy politics.” Poetz said.