A Knack For An Impact

Observing his surroundings, junior Hayden Sisemore reflects on the outstanding nature. Sisemore is very aware of current environmental issues, and believes they’re inclusively relevant to our future.

Leading in Natural Sustanability, to Excelling in the Books

Living in an uprising town with a new link of commotion in daily traffic, it can be hard to remember the importance of upkeep in the environment. Although for junior Hayden Sisemore, he believes our future relies on it.

Sisemore lives in Fishers,Indiana with his parents and older sister, Makenna. Sismore and his sister both share similar beliefs on the importance of environmental sustainability and have even held recreational cleanups in their community.” It’s necessary to reverse the damage people have made,” Sisemore said. “My sister and I decided to organize a park cleanup for Earth Day, and we plan to do another this summer.”

With a very close home life, Sisemore’s family has often impacted his decisions positively both at home and in school. Throughout his childhood he has consistently excelled academically and has always had a knack for solving problems. So when his parents opened him up to the idea of becoming an engineer, he took the suggestion and ran with it. “My parents saw I was good at math and science in middle school, so they suggested that I look into engineering,” Sisemore said.

Sisemore decided engineering could be a possible opportunity to use his personal beliefs as a strength in the job force. “My school (Hamilton Southeastern) has a lot of driven environmentalists and engineers,” Sisemore said. “I was interested in both, so the overlap was natural.”

With many national awards and public recognition under their belt, Hamilton Southeastern has shown Sisemore the ropes of engineering and has helped him not only learn fundamental skills but learn future skills in the job force.”On top of learning basic engineering mathematics, I’ve also learned about manufacturing and coding,” he said.

After high school, Sisemore plans to go to college out of state, and sees interest in creating satellites for eco-friendly businesses or robotical parts for environment safe amenities. “I want to be an environmental engineer because I feel like protecting the environment is one of the most a person can do,” Sisemore said.