A Leader In the Making

Senior plans to advance his leadership skills

Christian Brooks, a rising senior at Jennings County High School, smiling outside of his dream school. “Indiana just feels like home to me” Brooks said. He will be applying to Indiana University later this school year.

School has always been a major part of Christian Brooks’s life. He has always been extremely devoted to his class work. In terms of his grades he was ranked 13 out of 300 at his school. 

 He works hard every day to try and achieve his goals for the future. His goals for the future include attending the University of Indiana for college. While thinking about his future, Brooks said, “I want to go to IU and major in chemistry to become an anesthesiologist.”  

While he spends a lot of his time focusing on his school work he also devotes a good amount of time into his school yearbook and to the boys volleyball team. This coming fall he will be the editor in chief for his school’s yearbook staff of 13 people.  Brooks said, “I joined yearbook because one of my friends kept talking about it and it made me interested.”

Brooks has learned to be a leader through his experience in high school. He attends Jennings County High School, where he will be a senior this fall. He started the boys volleyball team at Jennings County High School. The process involved a lot of communication with authorities. He had to talk to his principal, leader of the Indiana boys volleyball league, as well as other people in power. As the leader of the boys volleyball team he had to organize practice.  Brooks is the oldest of four kids in his family and his younger siblings have thought him a lot. They have taught him to be more responsible while also advancing his leadership skills. 

When not working to complete assignments or playing volleyball he likes to spend time participating in the show choir at his school. He loves a bread bowl with broccoli cheddar soup from Panera. He is down to listen to whatever music but if he had to choose, he would pick pop. 

Brooks wants to continue  focusing on school and volleyball during his senior year. He will run the Jennings County High School yearbook staff as the editor-in-chief. He will also continue to reach his goals of going to Indiana University and becoming an anesthesiologist.