A New Beginning

How Kuhlman Found Herself Through Yearbook

Crown Point Senior, Grace Kuhlman, is able to be herself through her participation in yearbook. “Yearbook at our school makes you so unapologetically yourself because you’re around so many people who are just so upbeat and happy all the time.”

A fun hobby from middle school soon turned into a toxic part of high school for Grace. Even with cheer being such a big part of her life for so long, she was unhappy when it started to lead her in the wrong direction as a person. After a semester of dealing with her new problematic cheer team, her photo journalism teacher got her into yearbook. Getting involved in the program was a decision that steered her life in a better direction. 

Grace is grateful for her photojournalism teacher, Mrs. Keene, who got her into yearbook Freshman year. “She like kinda changed my life, not gonna lie…She’s like my mom, love her to death” Grace said about Mrs. Keene. 

Yearbook was such a positive environment that she instantly grew a passion for it. She met new people and grew a deep connection with the other staff. “We have our own little family in there” Grace said. They partake in several team bonding activities inside and outside of school, and hang out a lot. 

Their yearbook program also goes on several trips together, like HSJI and the state competition in October, and have grown into a close community. “I kinda went full force into yearbook. I was really good as a freshman, but everyone welcomed me with open arms still” unlike cheer, where Grace was treated badly by toxic teammates. 

Looking back, Grace points out that in cheer, “they’re already all cliquey, and they don’t like new people because what if you’re better than them.” She knew that those were not the right people to surround herself with, so yearbook was a good change. Grace is Editor in Chief, which involves making teams, overseeing spreads, final editing, and making final decisions. She is very happy with where yearbook has taken her since you are able to be true to yourself. Grace says that “joining yearbook made me see the person I wanna be instead of the person that cheer was making me.”