A Taste of Hollywood

Katherine Easley shows that doing what you love can get you big places and get you to meet big people, including your hero.

Not everyone gets to meet their all-time favorite super star but Katherine Easley did and it’s a day she will never forget. Katherine Grace Ann Easley was born November 1st 1999 inRichmond Indiana. Katherine has always told everyone to call her Katie, whether its friends, family or even complete strangers. Katie goes to Richmond High School, she was involved with the volleyball and track team. Katie has one brother and two dogs. Her parents are divorced but her mother is engaged and soon to be married. Her mother is also the youngest of 8, so her family is rather large. She says “I love how much family and connections there are, I have family all over the states and its great to have for future careers.” Katie talks often of her uncle, he is a director of photography she is always with him which makes sense because Katie wants to follow in his footsteps and be a director of photography one day. Its in his footsteps that she was able to meet the mad man himself.

Katie Easley has enjoyed taking photos for years, Katie says “i grew up not really clicking with a school subject, so I turned to photography and art more because it was what spoke to me.”

Katie explains that the director of photography is a very important job they work hand and hand with the director of the big movie to capture the best angle of the shot they are trying to get. There is first and second unit for shooting a movie and she has worked and seen both. Her uncle is normally more involved in the second unit stuff which is where all the action is. Katie is a huge movie junkie but if she had to pick one movie it would be A-Team, so it would only make sense that her favorite actor is Jon Hamm. Katie was with her uncle in Atlanta helping her uncle on set when Jon Hamm himself walked past. Katie was super excited but was able to stay calm and introduce herself to her hero. Once Katie turns 18 she will join her uncle for a more permanent job so she can meet more actresses and actors just like she has dreamed about.