A Triplets True Self

Junior Meghan Maguire from Evanston Township High School in Illinois. Meghan, a triplet, enjoys time away from her sisters at the beautiful Indiana University Bloomington campus for the HSJI workshop. “I came to HSJI to help make my school’s yearbook more advanced and better looking for future year,” said Maguire.

Meghan Maguire finds ways to be different than her sisters

Some people say they see Meghan Maguire quite often, as if there were more than one of her. When, in fact, there are two additional Meghans, her sisters Nancy and Jenny. The three are triplets and were born on September 25, 2002. What separates Meghan from her sisters, and also separates Jenny from Nancy, is the fact that the three have different interests that are unlike their sisters’. Despite popular view that triplets (and twins) are joined at the hip, the Maguire sisters are all unique and have their own interests that they do not share with their sisters.

The things that separate Meghan, a junior at Evanston Township high School, from her sisters are things such as her love for softball, being in yearbook, and her plans for the future. In softball, Meghan plays second and third base, however she enjoys hitting more than she does fielding. Her softball career has been alright, but she still enjoys herself and loves the sport.

When she isn’t playing softball, you can find her working on the yearbook for her school, Evanston Township High School. Her role in the yearbook staff is section editor, however, she does not know her section for the upcoming school year. She originally joined the yearbook staff because her older sister, who is not a triplet, was the editor-in-chief in years past. “One of my sisters took yearbook during our freshmen year but she didn’t take it again after that,” Maguire said.

Meghan, although this may not be her sisters’ preferences, plans to attend one of the Big 10 colleges, which include: Indiana University Bloomington (Go Hoosiers), Michigan State University, Ohio State University, University of Nebraska, Rutgers University, University of Iowa, University of Maryland, Penn State University, University of Minnesota, Purdue University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Wisconsin, University of Michigan- Ann Harbor, and Northwestern University. Her plans in college are not finalized and she is open to different options for majors and career paths.

Another interest of Meghan’s is summer time, mainly due to the fact she can enjoy herself in a plethora of ways. Some of her favorite things to do during the summer are going to the beach, hanging out with friends, and shopping for clothes at malls and other clothing stores. The reason she likes summer time is because it means that she isn’t in school anymore, which is a relief for her.

Her favorite place to eat at is Chicken Shack, a restaurant she believes is only in her town. She said, “When you eat the food it tastes really good but you also know from one bite that it isn’t healthy for you.”

Meghan is an individual who values her family (and wants space from time to time), loves to play sports, and cares about her friendships.