Adventure to Suit

Hugging a tree, senior Kylee Hoot shows her love for the outdoors. Hoot has always grown up influenced by the outdoors and it has made her who she is today. “I’ve lived around nature my entire life, it’s had a huge impact on how I deal with situations today,” Hoot said.

Senior Kylee Hoot uses passions to strive to her future career.

Adventure has never been short lived for senior Kylee Hoot. Growing up a middle child, Hoot always had the company of her two brothers and one sister, but that’s not the end of the chaos due to the abundance of family that lives near her that continues to give into her adventurous spirit.

“I love the support my family gives me all the time with sports and school, but sometimes I want some personal space,” she said. Sometimes for Hoot the amount of family can get troublesome. “My grandparents and aunt don’t really give me any space and it can become a problem,” she said.

The senior grew up with a pond and here she fell in love with the outdoors. The water became the place where she could get away from life and enjoy that space she desperately needs.

“I enjoy exploring, kayaking and spending time with my friends,” Hoot said. “I love the water, swimming, and tubing.”

Hoot feels this has shaped her into the woman she is today because it has made her adapt to certain things and has made her a stronger human being.

“It has helped me learn to adapt to my surroundings and my situation,” Hoot said.

In the busy world she lives in, Hoot often makes time to spend with her boyfriend senior Connor Carr. They have been together for two years and are still going strong.

“My boyfriend basically lives with me,” she said.

Along with the outdoors, soccer has been a major factor in her life. Soccer has been enjoyable for her because she gets to share it with her boyfriend.  “I’ve been playing soccer since I was about four years old,” Hoot said. This has given her the tools to take on responsibility to be the editor-in-chief of her yearbook at Carroll High School. In this position you have to make sure everyone is doing their jobs correctly to finish the yearbook on time. Yearbook has taught her the skills and patience to pursue the career of a elementary school teacher, something she has always wanted to be.

“I love to help people learn and I love kids,” Hoot said.