Adventurer: Weber Leads Cub Scout Day Camp

It was a midsummer day when Riley Weber set up her tent. The Venturing Scouts were out for a camping trip. In normal routine, Riley begun her rock wall adventure. “We often go rock climbing or kayaking,” Weber said.

She was surrounded by her best friends as she courageously started to climb the rock wall. “They’re like a second family that I have and I can go to them about anything that I do in my life,” Weber said.

When she begun to approach the top of the wall, all of her friends were cheering for her. Her adventure began first in Girl Scouts for two years, before she left and moved up to the Venturing Scouts. “My brothers had always been in Boy Scouts, and I had always gone to their meetings and hung out with them,” Weber said.

Weber demonstrated her leadership abilities by working with her crew at a Cub Scout day camp. However, this did not come without its struggles, the children were from the ages of five to seven and their immaturity was often hard to deal with. “We use the phrase ‘herding kittens’ because you can tell them what to do or where to go, but they will never listen. It is a lot of work,” Weber said.

Through the Girl Scouts and Venturing Scouts, she learned many things, such as leadership qualities, while at the same time she was able to enjoy their trips and have fun with her friends.
She also wants to turn her love of nature into a career, as she hoped to go into a career in forestry. ” I don’t want to have a job where I have to sit at a desk the whole time. I would rather be spending to at a park as a ranger,” Weber said. The qualities she has gained from being on the venture scouts will stick with her for the remainder of her life.