Altering Perceptions

Teenager’s love of clothes sparks passion for sewing

Teenagers are known for a wide range of hobby and intersests. Sports. Music. Video games. But rarely does one think about sewing when they think of the “average” American teen.

Anya Heminger, a senior at Herron High School, is instantly recognizable as a unique person. Everything from her style of dress, to her short-cropped hairstyle, to her utterly awesome and sweet personality, she just gives you the impression of a great person right off the bat. She has many great qualities and abilities, but some that may stick out the most to people, is the fact that she enjoys to sew. 

When describing it though, it makes much more sense. She does this almost as a rebellion, because she likes to “alter her school uniforms” to make them unique.

She also does this for her friends at her school, to almost show the school system that, although she may be forced to wear this clothing, they don’t own her. This is just one example of her truly being her own person and going against what is expected of her. 

She is also interested in all kinds of cool music types, which for her aren’t restricted to any specific era. This makes her an even more interesting and relatable person because she has such a broad taste in music. She herself though, adds to her collection of cool and interesting hobbies and interests in the fact that she works on her own music with a friend. 

“ I feel like it’s hard to identify a genre for my music but if I would say anything it would be classified as more of like a pop-indie type of genre,” Heminger said.

is just such an interesting and easily relatable person with all of her different hobbies and interests that she can easily make friends and constantly is being nice and a happy person when surrounded by those friends.

Anya Heminger looking for creative new clothing styles.