Arts and Entertainment Students Getting Psyched about Psychics

by Alissa Firestone and Kelsey Pease

Tucked away on the top floor of a cooking supply store, Goods for Cooks, is a true example of the magical and unique treasures you can find in Bloomington’s busy hub, Kirkwood Ave. Scott Kellogg Tarot began all with just a single deck of cards that was given to his wife, Karen Knight, as a gift. This deck didn’t mean much to either of them, until, Kellogg decided to take a deeper dive into the world of Tarot. 

It was 1988, when he happened upon this deck of Tarot cards at his wife’s house. He began looking through the cards and observing each piece of art, noticing that there were some similar to Dungeons and Dragons, a game he had been playing since 8. It was at this very moment, Kellogg had become instantly fascinated. He decided to take action, to get more informed about Tarot. He started checking out book after book at a small library in town. He researched things online. Finding information about this topic was hard during the 80’s and early 90’s, but he was able to retain more and more information about the history, skill, and true magic of Tarot.

“The art of Tarot reading is being open to your intuition and allowing your mind to receive messages and letting the pictures guide that process,” said Kellogg. “Knowing that you helped someone come to a realization is an amazing feeling…”

As time went by his interest kept growing. Tarot has become something that he deeply values. Kellogg wants people to understand that Tarot is not Satanic, it’s like seeing a counselor. Tarot does not tell them their future, it serves as a mirror to themselves and their inner workings. It can give them more information on the decisions they make. For instance, he explained that he’s good at getting people to make the decision of “do I love him?” verses “does he love me?”  Through Tarot, Kellogg has helped himself and other people realize what they truly want. He hopes to spark this spiritual expansion in many more people.