Female broadcaster takes on a growing role in the sports world

The field sprawled out before Kendall Smith. It radiated out in every direction, a limitless expanse of green where the football players would later face off. A roaring crowd encircled the field, so tightly packed together that each screaming fan seemed no more than a noisy speck of color.

The excitement was contagious ─ but Smith wasn’t catching on. She was too fixated on the broadcasters on the field. As each one put on his or her most winning smile to begin filming, a realization struck Smith.

“Just seeing that made me realize that I want to be a sports broadcaster,” Smith said. “It’s so cool, and I love sports, and they’ve just always been a part of my life since childhood.”

However, the path to fulfilling this dream has not been easy, especially because men refuse to take her seriously as …
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