Here,There, and Everywhere

Laughing at a joke, Peyton Eber gets distracted from her work. Eber was working on design and theme ideas for her school’s yearbook. “I feel pretty confident in the work we have finished. I’m looking forward to showing our staff,” Eber said. Eber is the managing editor for her school’s yearbook.

It’s not everyday that you find a loving and supporting community, but for Peyton Eber this is exactly what she found in Show Choir crew. Spending countless hours with a group of people can make you grow extremely close, the Show Choir crew bonded over their love of the club.

An example of their unconditional love was when they supported an aching student.

It was the night before an important choir concert when a student’s mother sadly passed away due to an ongoing battle with cancer.

“Everyone wore ribbons at …
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