The Flavor of Bloomington

It’s almost impossible to enjoy Bloomington without this, and life is meaningless if it doesn’t have it. Any guesses? The answer is flavor, and Bloomington is chock-full of it.

Most people in college often get hungry, especially during free time. Searching for satisfaction, they often wander out into the food-filled environment of Kirkwood. Hungry for Thai? Have a sudden need for Greek food? Craving a sandwich? Kirkwood has it all covered. One such delicious destination is Potbelly Sandwiches.

“We fresh slice all of our produce every morning [as well as] all of our meats,” said John Krupp, an employee at Potbelly Sandwiches. “It really makes for a great quality.”

Many restaurants have fan-favorites that make them well known among customers. Noodles and Company has (you guessed it) delicious noodles, Dagwood’s Sandwiches has its “Where’s The Beef” and “The Dagwood Supreme,” and one restaurant that is …
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