Food: Friend or Foe?

Anya Heminger, a Junior at Herron High School, has kindled a complicated relationship with food throughout her life. Learning  her story can help us all to see the world of food as more than just sustenance.

Food tells a story about each of us. What we ate last night for dinner can explain our morals, our religious identification, or maybe just whether or not we like asparagus. For Anya Heminger, this story includes, but is not limited to, this vegetable.

“There was one time I remember sitting down just gagging trying to eat asparagus,” she reminisced. When the 16-year-old junior at Herron High School was younger, she was the typical picky eater that could hardly down a brussel sprout. However, when she reached age eleven, her mom forced her to branch out and try more than just cereal. At this point, …
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