New to Nursing

Amazed by the caring, helpful nature of nurses, senior Courtney Hutslar plans on studying nursing at Indiana University next year.

“I job shadowed this summer, which I think really made me want to become a nurse because I saw how much good they can do,” senior Courtney Hutslar said. “The feeling of being able to help people was just amazing.”

Senior Courtney Hutslar sits on a bench looking out onto IU Bloomington campus on July 17.

During her job shadowing, Hutslar listened to a baby’s heartbeat and breathing, but she mostly just watched and learned. Hutslar had to shadow for 20 hours and ended up doing 24 hours–12 of those hours during one shift.

“I mainly had to watch because it was job shadowing,” Hutslar said, “but what I did get to do and see was amazing.”

What inspired Hutslar the most was …
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