Pursuit of Podcasting

You may want to put your earbuds in for this one. Although phrase is typically the other way around, to draw your attention away from your ear buds, in this case you may want to tune in. Chloe Cohn, junior at Evanston Township High School, plugs in to speak her mind. Within the past year Cohn has found an interest in the wide world of podcasting. Genres that vary from comedy to philosophy, Cohn has tried a handful of podcasting topics. 

“I listen to a lot of podcasts. I don’t do much so I thought it would be a good pastime,” Cohn said. She has published five different types of podcasts since she’s started. Cohn likes to listen to podcasts from entertainers including Cody Ko, Scott Aukerman, and Connor Holmes. 

“As of now I see it as a hobby but it is …
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