A Triplets True Self

Junior Meghan Maguire from Evanston Township High School in Illinois. Meghan, a triplet, enjoys time away from her sisters at the beautiful Indiana University Bloomington campus for the HSJI workshop. “I came to HSJI to help make my school’s yearbook more advanced and better looking for future year,” said Maguire.

Meghan Maguire finds ways to be different than her sisters

Some people say they see Meghan Maguire quite often, as if there were more than one of her. When, in fact, there are two additional Meghans, her sisters Nancy and Jenny. The three are triplets and were born on September 25, 2002. What separates Meghan from her sisters, and also separates Jenny from Nancy, is the fact that the three have different interests that are unlike their sisters’. Despite popular view that triplets (and twins) are joined at the hip, …
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