A Bigger Goal

After being a soccer player for 10 years, junior Kelsi Hoot has an even bigger goal in mind

Standing tall, Kelsi Hoot, 11, reflected on her time playing as a forward on the soccer field. “I’ve been able to learn that sometimes you’re not always the best and sometimes when your team is really depending, how to deal with all that pressure,” Hoot said.

She gasped for air as sweat dripped down her forehead, relieved that the absolute worst part of practice was over. While sprinting down the soccer field for the 30th time that practice, junior Kelsi Hoot heard her coach calling out, “Three! Two! One!” as she came barreling across the half field line.

“The worst part would be conditioning, without a doubt. At my high school we have to do these things called 60s and its where you …
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