Setting up for Success

Elladee Escobar (12) prepares to set the ball over the net. Escobar has been playing volleyball since fifth grade. “ My older sister played volleyball for her highschool, ever since I watched her play, I knew I wanted to play volleyball too”, Escobar said. Her senior year she will be co-captain for the DePue high school varsity volleyball team.

She takes a deep breath in, pulls up her knee pads and starts on into the gym. Overwhelmed, she looked around at all the other girls playing. Hearing sounds of the shoes squeaking on the floor and the volleyballs bouncing everywhere, she pursues onward. Little fifth grade Elladee Escobar walks into her first volleyball practice. 

“In fifth grade I was diagnosed with ADHD. That point in my life was really hard for me because I struggle with school a lot. My …
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