Natural Motivation

Paige Dickerson (12) From Crown Point Indiana Paige Dickerson comes from a family of 7 children. Nature and traveling is a way for her to escape the chaos from the big family. Dickerson said, “ You just feel like you’re in a different world.”

“When I hear the wind whistling through the trees and the leaves rustling or when i can smell the crisp air, it just makes me so happy,” said Paige Dickerson. 

Dickerson, a senior at Crown Point High School, grew up among the trees and scenery of Kalamazoo, MI. She grew up with six siblings, an environment not exactly conducive to the peace and quiet of the outdoors. This is where her love for nature began.

“I love Nature,” she said.

But it isn’t just a love of the outdoors that motivates Dickerson. It’s also a love of new …
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