Live Life A Wildflower

Julie Andrew’s quote helps senior cope with anxiety

Brave. She’s like a wildflower. Determined. She keeps her head held high. Senior, Sophie Coy, is inspired by a Julie Andrews quote she read in a book when she was 16 years old: “Wildflowers – I envy them they’re brave. Seeds cast by the wind to land where they may; they stand and hold against the most-hot, most cold. They persevere, roots shallow yet fierce and free. They epitomize to me all that I sometimes yearn to be.” 

Coy has a wildflower tattoo depicted on the inside of her right arm. The idea of being a wildflower stuck with her through her years at Herron High School as she dealt with anxiety.

“Wildflowers keep coming back year after year, after being stepped on and pulled. They continue growing,” Coy said. “I started talking to my …
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