Step It Up

Some work harder than others to pay for the things they want. TJ Stitzel is one of those who put in as much work as possible to get what they want.

TJ Stitzel, a rising senior from Shawe High School, ties his shoe outside of Franklin Hall. Stitzel states, “I had to get a job to pay for my shoe habit.”

Many of us are obsessed with some portion of our outward appearance. Some care more than others. TJ Stitzel, a rising senior at Shawe High School, cares most about his shoes. He is by no means ashamed of his “shoe habit”. It is the whole reason he got a job in early February of last year. 

“It’s this off brand, family owned Dairy Queen,” Stitzel said. At 17, he works 20 to 35 hours a week scooping ice cream, working …
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