Keep Moving Forward

Learning Through the Struggles

Moving from one house to another is stressful enough to make someone pull their hair out. Packing clothes, filling boxes and loading it all into a moving truck is a frustrating task, even more frustrating with hair that is actually falling out.

 Sixteen-year-old Sophia Tomlin has been in 16 out of the 50 states and lived in three of them. She lived in Alabama until she was 12, in Wisconsin until she was 14 and then moved to Indiana. Even though Sophia was moving around the country her alopecia followed her the whole time. 

“I started losing small patches of hair around second grade and progressively lost more throughout my middle school years. I usually could hide it by styling my hair in different ways but by sixth-grade I couldn’t hide it anymore,” Tomlin said. 

When Tomlin started losing the …
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