A Man With a Plan

Dean Vonderheide of Jasper, Indiana has always fulfilled the goals and objectives he has set in his life. Ever since his playing days on the football field for the Indiana Hoosiers, he has always had a very calculated approach to life. 

Now he brings that approach to the mayor’s office in Jasper.

The story starts in DuBois County, Indiana, where Mayor Vonderheide was raised. He excelled on the football field and dreamed of playing at the collegiate level; the first major goal he achieved. Despite attention from various midwestern universities, he still chose to attend Indiana University, due to its proximity to Jasper, gorgeous campus, and prestigious football conference. IU is still a major part of his life, as he served for one term as president of the I Association (for letterwinners) and still tries to keep contact with his teammates and …
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All About the Culture

Football first, everything else next. That’s the reputation of Bishop Chatard athletics in Indiana circles. For years, other Bishop Chatard sports have been overshadowed by the football team in every way. And for good reason, too; the Trojans have amassed a state record 13 football championships over the years, compared to just two in all other IHSAA sports. Trojan basketball has never specifically been terrible, but the interest level among students and fans could be described as minimal. A new coaching hire could change all of that.

Enter Taylor Wayer. He replaces Brian Shaughnessy as head coach after he stepped down last spring after 15 years at the helm. A 2010 Chatard grad and former Indiana Hoosiers walk on, Wayer will be just 28 years old during his first season coaching the Trojans. That isn’t to say he is inexperienced. He …
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From free throws to fryers: How a life in basketball has helped John Laskowski in the restaurant industry

A man named John walks around his Culver’s restaurant. He’s the owner. He greets “the regulars,” cleans tables, and asks customers if they want refills. Seems like extra good service for any restaurant, especially since it’s provided by the owner. You never would have guessed that he played professional basketball.

Meet John Laskowski; the hooper turned entrepreneur.

Laskowski was a part of a legendary Indiana Hoosiers squad in college. His 1975 squad lost on game all season, a team Coach Bob Knight still believes is the best he ever coached (even better than the undefeated ‘76 Hoosiers.) He spent two seasons in the NBA with the Chicago Bulls before entering a legendary 33-year tenure broadcasting Hoosier basketball, while simultaneously pursuing business interests. 

Speaking of business interests, he opened the Culver’s franchise in Bloomington in November of 2018. He spent four years preparing for …
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