Quirky Sci-Fi Podcast Demands to be Heard

By Catherine Segreto, Bishop Watterson High School

Opinion Writing

Cecil Baldwin, the voice of Welcome to Night Vale, performs at a live show in Chicago, Illinois.

Hidden in the vast expanse of the desert Southwest lies a small town where every conspiracy theory has come to life. The foreboding walls of the dog park discourage any and all dog owners from entering, a hoard of angels mysteriously lingers above Old Woman Josie’s house, and the Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in Your Home mercilessly raids the refrigerator.

However strange they may sound, each of these peculiarities happens to be perfectly normal in the town of Night Vale. Dutifully reporting every new occurrence is Cecil Gershwin Palmer, the sole broadcaster at the local radio station. Despite the regular “disappearances” of his interns and the erratic behavior of his …
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Students Head Abroad, IU Follows Suit

By Catherine Segreto, Bishop Watterson High School

Opinion Column

A city street in Aix-en-Provence, France, one of IU’s most popular sites for studying abroad.

Something about the grandeur of “studying abroad,” the idea that an individual can experience the lifestyle of a completely different culture, has resonated with each incoming college class. Whether a plucky young architecture major wants to explore the columns of Rome, or a history buff longs to taste the salty air of the Mediterranean, overseas studies have an appeal for everyone. The ability to learn in such remarkable places is an opportunity that should not be taken lightly, but rather utilized and appreciated by all.

Such is the mindset of Danielle Samek, Indiana University’s Senior Study Abroad Adviser. Samek is heavily involved in the IU Office of Overseas Study, which serves as the university’s primary …
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