People of HSJI: Profile of Jorge Godoy

Jorge Godoy, 16, poses for a picture during the HSJI Feature Writing class. Jorge goes to Muchin College Prep and lives on the south side of Chicago with his mother, father, sisters, and chihuahua named Friday.

Jorge Godoy only wakes up for long enough in the morning to endure the 18-block trudge to the L-station with his little sister and to get on the Orange-Line train headed towards his school.

“Things stress me out,” Jorge, 16, says about his life on the Southside of Chicago. “I usually quit on things (that I’m working on). I want to relax, so I stop.”

As soon as his head hits the glass window of the train, Jorge knocks out again for the duration of the teetering, half-hour trip to school. However, when asked why he doesn’t worry about missing his stop, Jorge …
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What’s the Sitch with Salads at HSJI?

During the 2017 IU High School Journalism Institute (HSJI), if you took a quick glance across the Wright Food Court, one particular pattern would jump out at you. You would face a field of greens. 

At nearly every table, booth, and counter, students were eating salad. Caesar salads, cobb salads, taco salads, you name it. It seemed to be the most popular food item in the food court. Why was this substantial salad phenomenon taking place? Why was this lettuce-filled legacy being left? The answer lies in student’s ideologies, health issues, and plain-old random preferences.  

Wright Food Court has eight different restaurant options available to students, each offering a variety of fares. According to the dining services website for IU, the salad bar in particular has “three different kinds of lettuce, 18 different vegetables, 8 kinds of fruits, and 13 different …
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