Falling Short

Southport High School cheerleaders fall short at prelims after stunt mishap and last minute team shortage.

Demonstrating a jump, junior Hollynd Givens shows off her cheer skills. Givens has even apart of cheer since middle school. “I was in seventh grade when I started cheer,” she said.

The gymnasium during prelims for State at Pendleton Heights was loud and chaotic, causing extreme nerves for junior Hollynd Givens. Southport High School had to make a last minute adjustments to their team, losing three of their nine members due to injuries. “We had three practices to basically change the entire routine and I was really nervous because of that,” she said.

Although Givens had prepared as much as possible, nerves had gotten the best of her. “I face planted in the middle of the routine,” Givens said. “I was doing a round off …
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