Sliding back into an old trend

Slide sandals are widely considered one of the first forms of footwear, dating back to ancient times and civilizations, where the term ‘Jesus sandals’ derived. With it’s simple silhouette consisting of a foam or rubber sole and a thicker strap at the top of the shoe, it’s as simple as simple can get.

Its form is true to its name, wearers can easily slide their feet into the comfortable and (mostly) fashionable, trendy shoe, and be on their way.  While these shoes are not new whatsoever, they have come back from the dead from the ‘90’s, when they were worn as a casual, everyday shoe by just about everybody–celebrities or not.

Recent catalogs and collections are just like an episode of deja vu. Whether browsing the streets or the sheets of a magazine, slides are everywhere, and are being worn by sandal …
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