Photo by Ethan Moore

Becca Yagelski is no stranger to staying busy

When it comes to free time, Becca Yagelski takes what she can get.

“If I have downtime, I’m at my friend’s house doing just something like watching movies and trying not to focus on how hectic and crazy everything is,” Yagelski explained.

While Yagelski, a rising senior at Crown Point High School, may refer to her schedule as hectic, others would call it admirable.

“If I don’t have something scheduled or planned, I’m going to want to just sit there and do nothing at all. It really keeps me going—makes my time pass by,” Yagelski said.

A natural leader, she is the president of her local Boy Scouts of America Venturing club, the local 4-H club, and is editor-in-chief of her school’s yearbook.

“I’m crazy. I’m really crazy honestly,” Yagelski said …
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