Something’s Fishy: Bare Feet, a Dead Sea Creature , and an Injury Story That's Hard to Believe.

As Leah Jablonski takes on her first day at Indiana University’s 71st annual High School Journalism Institute, she remarks that fewer than twenty-four hours ago she was in Gulf Shores, Alabama for her family’s annual summer trip. She spent 10 days hanging out with her family, enjoying the beach and souvenir shopping. However, her trips haven’t always been fun and games.

Leah Jablonski points to the area where she was cut by a dead catfish.

About six years ago, when Leah was in fourth grade, her trip took a scary turn. The Dublin, Ohio native was enjoying an excursion to a fishing pier on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico, something her family loves to do. As she and her family ran across the wooden pier, they threw off their shoes in anticipation of stepping into the warm sand …
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