Breaking from her Shell

From a shy, timid freshman to a bubbly, outgoing senior, Maddie Griffith made a smooth transition during her sophomore year. This transition was all thanks to her school’s Best Buddies program and her close friend, Ryan.

“Ryan was very involved with Unified, the special ed version of a sport. He noticed me with Chris, [my buddy], and reached out to me about Unified Track. I was hesitant because I was late to sign up. I went, and I loved it. I went from the most shy girl joining late to most involved,” Griffith said.

Since then, Griffith has been the lively, talkative girl she is now and continues to work with autistic kids in many different ways including her job at BACA (Behavioral Analysis Center for Autism), fundraising, and spending much of her free time with the kids she works with.

“I …
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