Separated Sisters

Martinsville twins spend time apart for the first time

She has never been away from her sister.

Martinsville junior Sophia Foley unpacks her luggage on the second floor of Spruce Hall and looks over to see her twin sister, Gwendolyn Foley, gazing out the window. Sophia tries to get a better look at her sister’s face, filled with tears staring out across the quad. The sisters lock eyes and begin to bawl. Gwendolyn and Sophia Foley have never been without each other for a full day.

The twins’ lives intersect every day. Through cheer, dance and school, the two are rarely apart. Now a member of Varsity cheer, Sophia is her sister’s backspot on the cheer squad, and described her nature over Gwendolyn as protective, especially during cheer stunts where her sister is a flyer.

Sophia said, “I like being able to stunt …
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