Student journalists prepare for the future

HSJI students spend their days at Franklin Hall, the media school at IU.

Evanston High School senior Ellie Garry is able to attend HSJI at Indiana University, which helps her adjust to the different experience of college. Garry believes that college is a big jump that leads to stress an uncertainty.

At HSJI, Garry chose the yearbook section considering that she is a yearbook editor at her current high school. During her time at the yearbook class, Garry is able to collaborate with editors from other high schools.

“I got to see the different ways people run their yearbooks,” Garry said. “It’s really interesting to see the similarities and differences of the yearbooks.”

Garry is passionate about art and design, which was one of the many reasons she chose to attend this program. Although she is not interested in a …
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