Proving Them Wrong

Senior Alaina Marquez proves a young outgoing woman from a small town can dream big and accomplish her goals.

Alaina Marquez, senior at Depue Unit School located in Depue Illinois, comes from a half Mexican, half Spaniard descent. Marquez grew up around dancing and DJing, two important things to her family. Marquez comes from a long line of family in the military. Her dad, both of her grandpas, and her uncle were in the Navy and Air Force. Her sister, Alicia, is currently in the military, which is one reason Marquez is inspired to join the Air Force. Her sister always tells her how she wanted to fight for her country and at times it gets hard, but she doesn’t regret the decision she made. “I come from a small town of nearly 1,000 people. I want to prove that …
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