Snapchat's Bitmoji Snap Map Shows Kids Are Social Media Smart

With one simple pinch you can know exactly where your kids are if they have Snapchat. The new Bitmoji snap map created by Snapchat allows others to see young adult’s whereabouts, according Snap Inc. the news director of Snapchat updates.

From before birth parents worry about what is acceptable for kids and what isn’t. They invest their time making sure the peas you eat are not poisonous and dangerous for your health. Parents are internally worried and scared about whatever could or will happen you.

But in fact generation Z children are outsmarting their parents. What parents don’t realize behind closed doors is that in reality, kids are smart online. Although parents may think that their children have learned nothing, parents don’t give enough credit for them, especially while having many more risks than ever before. Snapchat acquired over …
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