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Katelyn Vierk

Richmond High School

Personality Profile: Erin Gaskins

Theme: Location

The small town high school experience has become one of legend. People don’t doubt its existence; they are well aware of its prevalence in cornfield covered Midwest towns. Nevertheless, something about it is still somewhat shocking, or maybe fascinating is the better word, for those fortunate enough to live in close range of a Starbucks or decent mall. They often wonder: what does one do when there is nothing to do? Are the oceans of corn, the omnipresent scent of cow manure, or the constant encounters with camouflage tiring?

        To seventeen-year-old Erin Gaskins, these questions have become routine. She is a small town kid. Her location has been a defining factor of growing up. She frequents Chili’s after basketball games, knows the names of 75% of her student body, and has to …
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