Drab Denim

Denim consumers seek the best bang for their buck in the popular clothing chain, Forever 21, but is the deal deceiving? Despite the low quality of their denim, Forever 21 is currently conquering the nation’s malls, as it has expanded to more than 450 stores in the U.S. and nearly 100 locations internationally.

Most dedicated Forever 21 shoppers are naively blinded by the steal of $7 jeans, while other stores carry jeans with staggering prices in comparison that reach as high as $60. However, a similar brand such as Rue 21 offers jeans that are sold at a decent, in-between price such as $34 that would be an alternative to Forever 21’s god forsaken jeans. Also, Rue 21 jeans exhibit a broader array of washes.

However, consumers definitely get what they pay for with these jeans, due to their lack of authentic …
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