A Change in Perspective

Inspiration for photography stems from interest in athletics

   In one hand, Maggie Camp juggles her swim cap and goggles as she races out of the locker room following her second swim practice of the day. In the other, a camera dangles from her wrist, barely hanging on during the run to the boys basketball game.

Smile on her face, Maggie Camp sits in the grass and takes in the outdoors. Constantly at sports practice or photographing a game, Camp feels most comfortable in an outdoor environment.

  For years, Camp’s firsthand experiences in the pool and on the golf course served as her sole athletic exposure. Camp took up swimming as a young girl and followed her father’s interest in golf when she entered seventh grade. At the start of high school, Camp found her way onto varsity teams in both …
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Tune in to Journalism

Smile on her face, senior Maggie Bui types a review on her laptop. Bui decided to volunteer at WFHB to keep up with journalistic writing while away from school. “This was around the time of a big drug and homeless issue” Bui said. “They provided me with really good sources.”

Intrigued by journalism and media application, Maggie Bui looks for every opportunity to broaden her horizons and improve her journalistic skills. From Memorial Day to mid-July, Bui spent her time volunteering at local community radio station WFHB. During her time there, Bui was able to strengthen her skills as a journalist and report over real news on the station’s website.

Bui, an incoming senior at Bloomington High School South, is an editor of the school’s yearbook and is eager to find new opportunities to learn about reporting and news writing …
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