Three Times a ChARM

16 year old Hubbard poses with her now unbroken right arm.

Dressed in a white T-shirt without buttons, sits 16-year-old, Frances Rose Hubbard.

Hubbard sits in a sunny Which Wich sandwich shop the day before her seventeenth birthday, during a two-hour lunch break in between Journalism classes at Indiana University.

Hubbard comes from a family of four living in Evanston Illinois.

“[Evanston] is the first suburb North of Chicago,” Hubbard said.

At the sandwich shop, Hubbard pleasantly munches on a sandwich held in her right hand. After eating, she uses her right hand again to fish out her phone.

Freely hand gesturing and holding onto things, you never would’ve guessed that that same arm was in a sling eleven years ago…and twelve years ago…and thirteen years ago.

“I broke my arm three times in three years before I turned 6,” …
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