Seeking Normality

Senior Chloe Heiny discusses her battle with arthritis 

As Chloe Heiny walks around the track, classmates race past to finish the mile. Hair pulled back, gym shorts on, she struggles to make her way to the finish. Gym class had always been a struggle for Heiney. Since the age of one, Heiny suffered from excruciating pain in her left hip.

Like many kids, Heiny longed to participate in sports activities, specifically soccer but with the pain in her hip and doctors not knowing what was wrong, her mother never let her. Doctors discovered that Heiny suffered from juvenile arthritis, a disease that causes joint inflammation stiffness for more than six weeks in a child under the age of 16.

“[Not being able to play sports] always made me feel a little like an outcast,” Heiny said. “Most people have been in sports their …
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