Look Good, Feel Good

Eyes on the camera, senior Kailie Howe poses for the picture in front of Franklin Hall July 12. Howe worked at Delaney’s Boutique for two years. “I think dressing up makes me different because it makes me feel confident,” Howe said. “I struggle with self-esteem issues and it helps me feel better about myself.”

   Teenagers all over the world pride themselves on social media regarding their own unique sense of style. Although most teenagers dress casually most days, with comfort as their highest priority, some find motivation to dress themselves up every single day in fashionable, trendy outfits. Following the rising trend of dressing up, senior Kailie Howe from Zionsville High School in Zionsville, IN, sees dressing up as a way to boost her self-esteem.

  “I started having self-esteem issues freshman year after I quit swimming,” Howe said. …
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