Dropping the Ball To Pick Up the Pencil

In deep thought, senior Laura Stancato prepares to write.

Transferring from athleticism to a passion in journalism. 

Who knew a love for writing would turn into an editor-in-chief position on the school yearbook and newspaper staff, but for Laura Stancato–it did. As a former soccer player, bigger opportunities arose in the writing world. Starting as just a talented writer in her English and journalism class, Laura decided to try and apply her skill on the newspaper and yearbook staff. 

“It’s just something I like to do,” Stancato said. “Something I am good at turned into a passion over time and I love being able to apply my work to different things in different ways.” 

Along with being on both student publications in her school, she has a blog that she writes, which is politically based. “That’s my interest,” she said. “I can right a paper about something political …
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