New Year, New Grace

Grace Kuhlman’s journey into yearbook territory.

Toxic friendships, exhibiting another version of herself, and controlling effects of peer anxiety–a bundle of internal challenges summed up Grace Kuhlman’s sophomore year, leading up to her role in the yearbook at Crown Point High School. In Grace’s pre-yearbook, you would see her with dolled up look, including an extensive morning routine, just to fit in with her not-so friendly friends. Then came Grace’s journey with yearbook.

Although previously unaware of the major change yearbook would have on her, Grace still already had an eager outlook from the start. “I came into yearbook full force, like a whole new person than I was before.” Grace said. With Grace’s immediate change in behavior due to her excitement alone, could it have been her yearning for new satisfaction in the change yearbook brought to her life that …
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