Tim Evans, Bob Scheer’s reports spark national uprising

Tim Evans (Left), Bob Scheer (right) answer a student’s question.Photo credit: Angel Akinleye

Women all across the country have banded together in the #MeToo movement to speak out against sexual assault after the conviction of Dr. Larry Nassar. Thanks to the reporting of Tim Evans and Bob Scheer, the movement has been on the rise.

Evans and Scheer, journalists from the IndyStar, helped spark the conversation about the abuse of athletes in the gymnastics industry. In 2016, the investigative team started researching a story that would become popular on a national and global scale in 2018.

On July 10, 2018, high school students enrolled at the High School Journalism Institute at Indiana University had the opportunity to interview Evans and Scheer.

Evans said during the interview, “I jokingly titled this ‘how a team of investigative reporters from a small newspaper stumbled …
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