The Dunn Family: A Living Legacy Rooted at IU

A White Flowering Dogwood in the early stages of its life growing outside of Franklin Hall.“The trees bring a sense of eloquence to the campus, providing a green aspect to not make it a barren landscape,” Jared Rigdon said.

The preservation of remembrance for one’s life is usually recognized as a headstone; however, the Dunn Family have set a legacy at Indiana University that carry their name in the thousands of green giants speckled around the campus.

After James Dunn moved to Virginia from Ireland in 1762, he began his family legacy that would soon include a judge, military leaders, and vocal abolitionists. The Dunn name was well-known for their persistent assistance to the public community, which includes land donations to many schools in Indiana, among them what is now Indiana University Bloomington.

As the location of Indiana University moved …
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