Hot off the Jess(i)

Jessi Alcorta-Robles fell in love with journalism in high school and wishes to pursue it as a career.

Freshman year of high school is a huge time of self-discovery for everyone. All of the sudden, there are so many more choices for classes, electives, clubs, and sports. The choices you make freshman year usually impacts the rest of your high school career, but for Jessi Alcorta-Robles, it impacted her entire life.

Alcorta-Robles was excited to start her beginning journalism class her ninth grade year. She had always loved to write and wanted to share her opinions with people outside of her circle of friends. However, the class bored Alcorta-Robles out of her mind. She sat through lecture after lecture about the legalities of journalism, court cases, and grammar. It wasn’t until her final exam project that Alcorta-Robles knew that journalism was the path …
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