The 'Persuasion' of black box theater benefits

History is one of the most compelling subject to study. People are always longing to go back and relive the glory of what was. In particular, the period of British history where King George III fell and the regency of British royalty and people of esteemed class has continuously struck the chord of curiosity with people of all ages whether it be with the fairytale-like ball gowns or the never-ending parties.

I myself had a chance to be a part of this time period. Though I don’t own a time machine. And I certainly wasn’t born during this period. Instead, I saw the Indiana University’s Summer Theatre production of “Persuasion,” adapted by Jennifer Le Blanc.

As the multifaceted and ever intertwining love lives of the Elliot family played out, thanks to the black box style of theater, audience members took their place on …
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Q and A With Actress Ashley Dillard

Ashley Dillard is an actress based in Bloomington. Some people may recognize her face from around campus, where she just completed her masters of fine arts degree at IndianaUniversity, or from her performances in the community. But for others don’t know her well or realize what it takes to be an actress, here are five things to know about the local actress.

Her first taste of acting was in a school play about where she was Martha Manta. She even made her own costume for this performance.
She always knew that she wanted to be an actress, but “I got a distracted somewhere along 10th 11th grade because I really liked to cook, so I thought I might want to be a chef, and we had a professional chef come in and said that chefs have to work a lot of long …
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Students 'sea'ing the benefits of studying abroad

“Study abroad if you can, you’re never going to travel this way again,” said Jaedon Wilson, a senior at Indiana University Bloomington majoring in international relations with a minor in French and business.

Danielle Samek, senior adviser at the Indiana University in Bloomington’s Office of Overseas Study took time on July 11 to talk to the group of students at the college’s High School Journalism Institute about the growing interest in study abroad programs as well as the never ending academic and personal benefits that come from participating in these programs.

While it is important to look to future growth and benefits of study abroad programs, Samek pointed out that it’s equally important to note that IU has been a leader in overseas study since the first students and faculty took a walking tour of Europe in the 1800s.

Since that initial group …
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