Bloomington Offers Students Opportunity to Follow Trends, Set Their Own

Other than the commonplace IU swag worn around campus, many IU students venture out of the bookstore and into their closets to create outfits that show off their individual style. From distressed denim to a basic tee, the numerous stores and boutiques in Bloomington have unique pieces that help to cultivate the style of Bloomington.

When seeking out the latest fashions, IU students look to mainstream stores such as Urban Outfitters to add more variation to their collection.

Bluetiques on Kirkwood Ave offers clothes that are both stylish and affordable.“We have a lot of rompers and that’s a big thing that students are wearing because it’s easy to throw on. You can go out in it, you can go to class in it. We have a lot of chokers in a lot of colors that girls like. Simple stuff,” Bluetique …
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